Whitaker Skateboards

Design - Story Telling - Art Direction

The Project

Whitaker is a passion project conducted by long time Portland Skateboarder Mubarak Ra’oof. Mubarak based the whole idea of his endeavor around the influence that Whitaker Middle School, his first neighborhood street spot, had on his life and those he grew up skating with. This spot which he felt defined his views on the skate scene at a young age was torn down and they had to find somewhere new to hang out.

We wanted to hint at this story in his first series of boards as a brand. I decided to spin the story through a positive light instead of the bummer that was his childhood hang out being demolished. So we went with “Comfort in the Unknown”, which we illustrated across three boards. When one door closes another door opens, and between these moments we have to be okay being uncomfortable.

After the production of the art and story, I wanted to bring it to life through visuals that helped continue this narrative. I worked with Emily Krouse, an incredible photographer in town to shoot the series involving friends of Whitaker to then make a small editorial piece celebrating the series.