Creative Direction - Story Telling - Event Production - Design

The Project

Nuevo is a gallery show and new wave dance party thrown by myself and good friend. Each edition of Nuevo features a deep backstory and creative direction, which act as an expansive prompt, inspiring subject matter of art, partnerships, experiences, content, and even choice of charitable cause. This culminates into an eclectic and cohesive body of wildly different types of work. 

Flowers for Holly

The name Flowers for Holly comes from an very nice woman named Holly, whom my partner Jake and I Iuckily met just days before we graduated from design school. We were in a horrible pinch to have our portfolios printed and bound before our big show. Up against time and struggling to print and assemble our books, we met Holly, who, like an artistic fairy godmother, swooped down and saved us from our fate out of the kindness of her heart.

After professionally assembling our work (with her decades of experience), we had asked what we could do to repay her.  She told us that "flowers would be nice" so we set out to do just that. But by the next week we had both started new jobs and were quickly overwhelmed by our new realities. Each week we said "okay let's get Holly those flowers". Long story short we totally dropped the ball and never sent them. Instead, we eventually set out to basically create a portfolio piece for the woman who created our portfolios. We created a party that didn’t exist but we knew we wanted to attend. Nuevo is half curated gallery show and half new wave dance party. We partnered with IDL Worldwide, a creative agency in town to help us execute our vision in their downtown art gallery. To say sorry and to finally fulfill our promise, we donated all art profit to a local women’s shelter called Rose Haven PDX. Holly also received lots of flowers…