Joyeux is a new Soul Food Restaurant and Bar located in Portland, Oregon that is owned by siblings Clyde and Marie Benoit. Born and bred in New Orleans, Louisiana, Clyde and Marie are fourth generation cajuns, and carry the rich culture of New Orleans everywhere they go. Since Clyde and Marie were children, they always spent a great amount of time in their grandparents soul food restaurant in New Orleans where their grandparents instilled the history, and the pride and joy of New Orleans and the South into their lives. 

Unfortunately the Benoit family lost everything in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit and devastated the city of New Orleans. Thankfully, no one in the family was injured during this tragedy, however the family did lose something that could never be replaced—their grandparents restaurant. 

After relocating to the Northwest looking for a fresh start, Clyde and Marie decided to bring the rich culture and spirit of New Orleans, and place it in the heart of Portland. With the entire family by their side, the Benoit’s can bring what once was their home in the South, to their new home in Portland, and instill the bold, rich history of New Orleans to display
their pride and joy.