Story Telling - Art Direction - Design

The Project

Work with Damian Lillard to create and visually portray his summer camp
message through a compelling graphic story.

Damian Lillard takes his summer camp seriously, and we wanted to make a shoe that was as meaningful as the experiences you get as a camper. Together Dame and I built a story that represented what he teaches kids during his camp. 

We decided to create a pattern to both house each element of the story, and make a big impact visually. Each element in the pattern represents a variable to the formula of Dame’s success, and a potential building block to your own. We included things like nutrition and health, persistence, time management, academics, overcoming hurdles, and so forth.

Thinking beyond the scope of the product itself, I was able to influence the roll out of the shoe by directing and designing consumer facing assets. My goal was to make Dame’s elements of success the focal point of the story, without becoming too literal. We had local brand called Trill Blazin' assist in revealing the shoe to Damian’s core audience by creating some of the brand assets through the lens of my initial art direction.