Lion Badge

A crest created to act as seasonal branding for all thingsreferencing soccer in the apparel line. I wanted to embody adidas’ rich history and heritage in the sports culture. The pattern created with the three headed lion is the “home kit” application. The crest was meticulously designed to be an Iconic soccer inspired crest/shield shape. There is a direct nod to classic athletic aesthetics with a collegiate typographic lockup. The lions in the graphic reference the 1992 World Cup “Etrusco” ball for a tieback into the adidas brand history. I re-purposed and re-imagined them to embody the idea of skateboarding and the concrete jungle. There are three lions each with three teeth both representing the three stripes of the brand. Each lion has seven serrated points in its mane which directly reference the edge of the “blackbird logo” used by adidas skateboarding.